Training: QGIS training to Sabah local authorities, 1/12//2014 - 3/12/2014

Efforts to hold a QGIS training surfaced in April after my department held an exhibition at Kota Kinabalu. The Sabah Town Planning Department followed through and was desirous to sponsor it but was hampered by financial constraint. Still we never gave up, on our part tried and eventually secured the financial resources to hold it which eventually took place at TH Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, 1-3/12/2014. Not including particiants from Sabah Town Planning Department, all local authorities were invited and we saw a mix of participants some were engineers, town planners and of IT background, many of whom were still new to GIS. However, some could not make it because it rained so heavy the first day that our flight was diverted to Labuan airport for 4 hours until the rain lessen which saw some parts of Sabah flood. However, I must say, the course was a success because they were so enthusiastic and kept asking, asking and asking questions and clever me made them make mistakes because I knew only too well that's the way that they'll learn fast. It continued in the night and their attendance was impressive to say the least even to the last day, trying hard to squeeze every bit of knowledge they could extract from me. I know the course which as basic-intermediate was rather heavy for first timers to GIS but I believe I had managed to pass on the fundamentals well. I hope QGIS will spread fast throughout Sabah from now onwards. Hello Sarawakians, what about you guys? Interested?